ApexSQL Source Control

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SQL Server source control
Integrate source control with SQL Server database development


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* Integrate SQL source control directly into SSMS
* Use dedicated or shared development models
* View conflicts and resolve directly in the UI
* View a detailed history of changes
* Lock objects to prevent overwrites
* Set team policies for check outs and locks
* Apply changes with dependency aware scripts
* Create and apply labels from source control
* Create branch or merge branches directly from SSMS
* Associate a changeset with a TFS work item

Popular source control systems support

Native and command line support for all the most popular source control systems including Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion, and Team Foundation Server or any source control system which have command line support.


Choice of database development models

Support for simultaneous work on dedicated and shared databases


Working folder

Link database to any folder in the file system.


Object filtering

Exclude database or repository only objects from source control by schema, type or specific objects.


Action center

Work with the latest object changes in real time.


Batch operation processing

Perform source control operations on multiple objects simultaneously.


Conflict resolution

Merge changes with either a built-in or third-party script diff/merge tools.


Checking out and locking objects

Check out and lock objects in order to prevent others from making changes.


Changes rollback

Undo the latest changes made against selected objects.