ApexSQL Enforce

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Database best practices reviews
Enforce database best practices by reviewing, detecting and fixing issues

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* Review databases and individual SQL scripts
* Import and export rules
* Process unattended via the CLI
* Seamlessly integrate into your CI/CD process
* Leverage a library of 100+ pre-written rules
* Create custom rules with a built in IDE
* Write custom rules in C# or VB.NET
* Create HTML reports and XML exports
* Code rules in an integrated IDE
* Generate SQL to fix violations
Enforce best practices

Process databases and scripts against more than 100 out-of-the-box rules covering best practices, naming conventions, potential configuration and performance problems and more


Create and manage rulebases

Create new/different rulebases by exporting and importing. Download updated rulebases directly from our website and import new rules into your existing rulebase


Create new rules

Create your own, custom rules using C# or VB.NET. Code rule conditions using auto-complete, syntax highlighting and all the other features you would expect in an integrated IDE


Manage rules

Edit, sort, filter, group and view rules within a grid based interface


Report and export results

Create XML reports and XML exports. Export all generated Fix SQL snippets into a single script to fix all detected problems


Process static scripts

Review and process stand-alone scripts aka static script analysis