ApexSQL Propagate

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Multi-DB SQL script execution
Execute multiple scripts on multiple databases

“ApexSQL Propagate tool is easy to use and has nice features (like viewing logs after script execution completes). This is of great help. The GUI is easy to understand and user friendly.”

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* Execute scripts on saved list of servers/databases
* Parse SQL scripts prior to execution
* Create SQL scripts directly in the application
* Manage lists of SQL scripts and SQL databases
* Set order of SQL scripts execution
* Export execution results into TXT or CSV file
* Preview exaction results by databases or by scripts
* Edit SQL scripts in a built-in IDE prior to execution

Multiple database script execution

Execute SQL scripts against multiple databases at the same time


Pre-execution script parsing

Parse SQL scripts prior to execution in order to check for possible mistakes


In-application script creation

Create new or edit already existing scripts in the integrated script editor with syntax highligting


SQL script lists

Create lists of SQL scripts and save them for later use


SQL script list management

Combine two SQL script lists by moving/coping scripts from one list to another


SQL Server and database lists

Create a new list of SQL servers and databases and save them for later use


Execution results exports

Export execution results into text or CSV file


GUI themes

Choose between white, colorful and dark colored layout