ApexSQL Plan

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Execution plan viewing and query optimization
Review actual or estimated execution plans, analyze and optimize SQL queries

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* Analyze and optimize SQL query execution plans
* Identify query performance issues and deadlocks
* Understand query performance characteristics
* Analyze query waits & review query execution plans
* Customize graphical query execution plan view
* See the actual relative cost of each plan operator
* Analyze query live performance statistics
* Compare estimated and actual query execution plans
* Profile stored procedure performance
* Generate lazy profiling reports

Query plan graphical elements

Create full execution plan diagrams that can be resized, rescaled and otherwise manipulated. Configure sub-elements like nodes and connectors


Customized operation properties

Manage property details for each operation in an execution plan, which can be included/excluded via tooltips


Customized data flow properties

Manage details for each data flow in an execution plan, and review them directly in the tooltip


Missing index details

Determine missing indexes and create queries for (re)creating them from the tooltip in the execution plan section


Operation cost highlight

Review the highest cost operations within the execution plan, and highlight them by CPU, I/O or show the total cost


Element configuration

Represent high rows/data size usage with connector lines of varying thickness, data size or rows count


Customization panel

Customize execution plan diagram layout by zooming, filtering, stretching, flattening, setting layout modes and link styles and rotating


Wait times

Analyze waits for executed queries, with a collection of all wait statistics, with correct wait and signal tim



Query columns

Review all query parameters and their respective values