ApexSQL Backup

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“ApexSQL Backup allows me to take a backup on time and allows me to control many useful things. It is very easy to use, all things are clear and the design is excellent and beautiful.”

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  • * Manage SQL backups across multiple servers
  • * Configure SQL backup plans with advanced scheduling
  • * Increase productivity with backup templates
  • * Automatic SQL backup naming using variables
  • * Restore to a point in time directly from timeline
  • * Schedule and execute index maintenance tasks
  • * Log shipping to multiple destinations
  • * Cleanup SQL backup and restore history

Policy management

Create SQL backup policies for full, differential and transaction log backups and apply them to multiple databases at once.


Database restore scheduling

Schedule database restores from a folder scan with the latest full, differential and transaction log backups or directly from a selected backup file.


Log shipping

Ship logs by copying SQL backups to network shares and restoring onto multiple destination servers.


Instant SQL backup creation

Create SQL backups of multiple databases at once


Centralized backup management

Save time by managing and monitoring all your SQL Server backup and restore jobs from a central location.


Complete activity history

View a complete history of backup and restoration activities on global, server, or database levels


Advanced scheduling

Customize schedules for all maintenance operations


Backup history and point-in-time restore

View historical activities on a timeline and restore a database to a desired point in time with a single click.


Naming schemes

Fully supports custom naming of SQL backup files, descriptions and backup sets using date, time, type and other variables.


Mirroring and split backups

Create multiple backup mirrors and split backup files.


Files and Filegroups restore

Restore Files and Filegroups per user selected Filegroups against specific database instances