ApexSQL Audit

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“A word of congratulations. I think that your suite is some of the best stuff I have ever used. I had to add auditing to an existing SQL Server and your ApexSQL Audit product did that effortlessly and flawlessly. The client loves the solution I am also impressed by your rapid response to issues and feedback. Keep up the good work”

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  • * Audit all SQL database and security activities
  • * Meet compliance requirements e.g. HIPAA, GDPR, PCI
  • * Out-of-the-box and custom reporting
  • * Securely store audit data in a tamper-evident repository
  • * Fully customize all auditing, alerts, and reporting
  • * Who, what, where, when when and before-after auditing
  • * Deploy on SQL Server Failover Clusters
  • * Easily manage auditing on multiple servers

Customizable auditing and compliance templates

Use existing out-of-the-box templates to configure SQL Server instance auditing and ensure that the auditing configuration includes all SQL Server and database level events required to meet HIPAA, SOX, PCI, FERPA and other compliance standards. Customize existing templates or create your own and apply them to multiple SQL Servers with a single click



Who, what, when and how auditing

Identify, track and receive alerts when specific objects are accessed or data was viewed. Find out the name of the login, computer, and application used to access audited objects as well as the time of the event.


Before-and-after auditing

Audit data changes from insert, update and delete operations. Investigate and compare original values to the new ones



Application and login level auditing

Audit operations executed by specific users, including high privilege users, or choose to perform full auditing of database changes from specific applications



Tamper-evident repository design

Automatically detect any changes or on the audited data, or auditing and alerting configurations. Receive alerts, in real time, based on any suspicious activities.


Limited auditor access

Allow read-only permissions to auditors or other specific users by using the standalone reporting application via a connection from any machine inside the domain to create full auditing reports. Run integrity checks or investigate alerts without having to allow other users access to auditing data or configuration options


Custom alerting

Get notified and alerted, in real time, when important events occur on audited SQL Servers including critical auditing events and data changes or configuration updates. Utilize existing alerts or create custom ones. Write alerts to the windows event log or send via email.



Login auditing

See all successful or failed login attempts on audited SQL Server instances and view login access history.



Security change auditing

Investigate any permission, SQL login, user, password or role changes.